How Can I Serve?


As we grow and mature in our faith we must also reach out in service so that we might sustain a balanced, thriving spiritual walk. Each of us has talents and spiritual gifts to use in service. Look for where you can reach out to serve. 
Prayer Ministry 
 Leader: Angie Stauf

Heaven Bound Kidz Children's Ministry 
Leader: Sonya Mowery 

3D Student Ministries 
Middle School - Jake Alt 
High School - Jeremy Carson 

Senior Servants 
Leader: Janet Shingleton 
Heart of Hope 
Leader: Paul Crawford

Bible Bowl 
Leaders: Angie Stauf/Donna Boyer  

Men’s Ministry 
Leader: Mike Crouse

Hospital Visitation Ministry 
Leader: Ollie Burd 

 Helps Ministry 
 Leader: Bradley Kline

 Missions Ministry 
Leader: Matt Coren
Jail Ministry Leader: 
Leader: Gary Edwards 

Personal Care Closet
Leader: Karen Mullins 

Coffee Ministry 
Leader: Sam and Jennifer Lyons 

Kitchen Ministry 
Leader: Mike and Loretta Wilson

Guest Ministry 
Leaders: Seth and Katelyn Townsend 

Building Ministry 
Leaders: Glenn Delaplain and Nathan Bohrer

Grounds Ministry 
Leader: Jamie Lee 

Leader: Gene Combs 

Vehicle Maintenance 
Leader: Matt Coren 

Safety Ministry 
Leader: Jim Brennan